How It Works

In order to process your claims QMB needs patient information, a copy of the insur- ance card front and back, the encounter form/superbill (with the diagnoses and the procedures which were preformed), and a copy of the explanation of benefits along with a copy of the check from the payor (EOB). We also need a day payment log, which we provide you to keep track of the patient’s copays appropriately. This information could be faxed, UPS/Priority mail, etc. A new advanced way to send informa- tion to us is through the use of our in- house-server that we make available to all of our clients.

This requires a scanner and high-speed internet connection. This is the route most of our clients use; this takes the guesswork out of fax interpretation as well as time spent and saves the client both time and money from having to mail/ship.