Why Switch to a Professional Electronic Billing Service?

Consider this… With QMB you do not have to worry about turnover, overhead, lost time due to illness/vacation, employee benefits, unemployment insurance, soft- ware & training updates in Coding Regulations, ANSI, HIPAA, Medicare Guide- lines & Insurance Reimbursement Rates. Do you need these worries when you are starting a practice or trying to increase the bottom line of an existing practice?

100% of our clients are satisfied with our service.

We are able to improve billing and cash flow by at least 40% in existing practices. Too often providers bleed revenue with- out even knowing it! More and more providers are outsourcing billing- usually those who have had their ‘teeth kicked in’ so to speak and found they don’t have the time to deal with billing issues. Some try to multitask the in-house biller who may be the receptionist, office manager, LPN, RN or MA others write payable services off to save time- both devastate the bottom line for the practice.  If you want to get every last dollar you deserve contact QMB today.


  • Billing Records Review
  • Chart Audit
  • Insurance Contract Review
  • JHACO Training & Site Preparation
  • OSHA Review – Training & Implementation
  • Policy & Procedure Review – Training & Implementation
  • Practice Evaluation/Efficiency
  • Site Visit Preparation – Government, Legal & Insurance
  • Improving the Bottom-line